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Our Story

Why the name Chubby you ask? Well, we believe in making our toffees the old fashioned way. We use real ingredients like pure cane sugar and sweet cream butter. No preservatives are ever added. At Chubby Chocolates, we take our toffee making very seriously. However, we also have a great sense of humor. Who would ever name their chocolate company "Chubby?"

We would, and it's just intriguing enough to pique your interest! Our name is interesting, but more importantly our toffees are absolutely delicious! So don't hesitate for a second. We all know that everything in moderation is the best way to live a balanced life. So order today - everyone wants a Chubby!

How we do it: Making toffee is a slow and tedious process, but we believe the end result is worth the effort. We take pride in our chocolates and make everything by hand in small artisan batches. Chubby Chocolates uses the finest ingredients to make your chocolates superb! No preservatives are ever added. Our toffees are made with Sweet Cream Butter, Pure Cane Sugar, Sliced Premium California Almonds, Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Roasted Hazelnuts, Rich Madagascar Vanilla and the sweet-hot flavor only found in Saigon Cinnamon. Once the toffee is made, we then cover each batch with a generous layer of chocolate. Warning: These toffees are so good, you might say they are "Addicting!"

English Toffee
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee
White Chocolate Macadamia Toffee
Chubby Chocolates Gift Box

Chocolate  & Me


Chubby Chocolates Founder Christy O'Connell

For the LOVE of Chocolate...

Do you love the sweet, alluring smell when you walk into a candy store? When you open the door and smell the delicious sweetness, you can't help but smile. Chocolate makes us happy. That's why we have poured our hearts into making gourmet chocolates especially for you. We want to share our love of chocolate with everyone. We hope you feel the same happiness that we do when you close your eyes, to appreciate the beautiful flavors, and let the chocolate magic begin!

xoxo ~ Christy

Chubby Chocolates Ribbon
Chubby Chocolates Inspiration

Grandma's Influence...



My grandma was absolutely gifted in the kitchen, but my favorite memories are of her making chocolate fudge - because I always helped! Every year during the holidays we would prepare numerous tin pans with butter, and I would begin scooping out the incredibly sticky marshmallow creme into a huge pot.


It was a wonderful time to be in the kitchen with my grandma, and watch as the chocolate fudge would begin to take shape. Each and every one of those pans were filled with chocolate, and then wrapped up so perfectly. I loved to see the excitement from our friends and family when they were presented with a beautifully wrapped package of our handmade fudge. These are such special memories for me. Today, we try to achieve that same excitement when we share our candy with all of you. Candy making has been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember, and I hope it continues for many more years.


Enjoy the Love!

Chubby Chocolates Sweetest Creations

My Sweetest Creations...

Intelligent, beautiful and incredibly sweet -
my three amazing daughters! I am so blessed to have such talented girls to cherish and enjoy. My oldest two have proudly served our country, while my youngest is beginning her college adventures.


Through the years, my girls have helped me with the candy making process, just like I did with my grandma. They have been taste-testers, helped create beautiful packaging options, prepared holiday gift items and have been delivery agents, as well.

I am so grateful for every moment with each one of them, and the memories we have created.


Maybe one day they will continue our "candy making process" with their own families.


Cherish the Sweetness!

Chubby Chocolates Ribbon
Chubby Chocolates Ribbon
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